Athletic Performance Based Strength & Conditioning

OUR MISSION:  To improve athletic performance, specifically by improving athletes’ speed, strength,and power.  Our goal is to maximize an athletes’ potential on the field.  During our training program, we will teach proper lifting technique, supervise all training with multiple certified trainers present and motivate athletes as they work out.  We will also assess each athletes’ performance before and after the program.  In addition to increasing athletic performance, another primary goal of the training is to reduce athletic injuries. A key component of the training is to increase the athletes’ mobility and strengthen their body parts that are prone to injury.  We will also monitor the athletes’ general health and provide nutritional advice if we deem it necessary.  

OUR FACILITY:  Our training facility is located at 525 S. West Boulevard, Buena, New Jersey.  Training will take place inside and outside of the facility depending upon the specific training program for that day.  We are also open about discussing off site training if that is more feasible.

TYPE OF TRAINING:  The training will be intense and will include a wide array of different movements.  The athletes will complete Olympic lifts, complete iso stability exercises, plyometric exercises, speed and agility drills, and metabolic conditioning.  The sessions will last between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours. The workouts will vary but have a common goal of making the athlete more explosive.  

MISCELLANEOUS:  All of our trainers are certified in strength and conditioning and each one has a background in athletics from high school to the collegiate level.  We are all passionate about sports and helping athletes reach their goals on the field.
CrossFit Buena
525 Southwest Blvd
Buena, NJ 08310 (view larger map)